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Daily Nanny Maintenance Update

By Dave Coffin October 18th 2019

Thanks everyone for your patience last night. If you're interested, here's what I did:

I upgraded our entire back end system to a more sophisticated and robust solution that will be able to deliver results faster and more reliably. The reason I had to take everything down was I needed to transfer all Daily Nanny data from one database to another. I also moved all the code that powers the back end API to a new server that is running PHP 7.3, and the previous one was running 5.2.

You guys obviously don't need to care about any of that, but if you come across any behavior that is not what you expect, do not hesitate to email me, and I will fix it as immediately as I can. There are a number of differences in the new environment that the hidden parts of Daily Nanny live on, and I have spent the last month addressing all of them so I can deliver the best experience for you all. But if something is not quite right, reach out at [email protected].

There are app updates for both Android and iOS available now, so please head to your respective App Store and update the app to version 3.2.0.

You all are the best, it makes me so happy to know that this app I made to help other parents is actually making a difference in some people's lives. I hope I can make some part of parenting just slightly easier or more fulfilling. Thank you all so much! -Dave