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What Is Wrong With Millennials?

By Jen Coffin March 2nd 2017

I am sure baby boomers and even some gen x’ers are probably thinking, what is wrong with millennials? Why do you need to know every single poop, pee, nap and cheerio eaten throughout the day... in real time. Can’t you wait until you get home to find out all the details of your kids day?

As a full time working mom its not that I need to know, it’s that I want to know. My phone is already buzzing all day with email, co-workers slack messages, text messages, phone calls and the list keeps going. Life is busy and I craved a solution for communication and daily logging of my children’s days, while I was working. That is where the idea for Daily Nanny was born. As time goes on and my 2-year-old daughter turned 3 and now 3.5, believe me, if I come home and she’s in one piece and not dragging her baby brother around by the neck I am happy. It becomes less of a priority to be notified on every poop and pee she created throughout the day. And more important to see pictures, a daily snapshot of what she is up to and confirmations that she is not on her 45th episode of Daniel Tiger or having a tantrum of the century.

It is different for my baby though, I do care about how much breast milk he drank, how long he napped and to also be reminded all day long how damn cute he is. This information is invaluable to me and in todays world I expect to have this information at my fingertips. If I am going to have apps to make me more efficient and involved as a professional I sure as heck demand an app to make me more efficient and involved as a parent. So we made one!